On the way back home from Columbus last night, I hit a buzzard while driving around 80mph. It made a terrible dent in my hood. Hopefully a rubber mallet will get the dent out. and I will be able to re-shut my hood one I bang the dent out.

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Dragon*Con 2010 Preliminary Report

I ran 5 session of Shadowrun at D*C this year, 2 less than last. The players were plentiful, and Shadowrun was the first Tabletom RPG to sell completely out (as normal). I ran one New York SRM mission, as well as 4 campaign missions. Had the same group for the last three – CMP 2010-7 through 2010-9. That bunch was really interesting. I always learn from people like wasabi (of Dumpshock Forums fame), even when I am running the game. Maybe especially while I am running the game.

Played one game of Shadowrun myself, on Sunday evening. Ran a Troll Drake, which may not be legal, but was… less effective than I might have hoped. The 105bp just to be a troll drake really eats into your 400bp. I ended up with almost no skills, and a character not really optimized for anything. I need to re-think him.

I also played some Pathfinder and Living Forgotten Realms. Saw several friends, one that I had not seen in months. Went to my first non-gaming Dragon*con event – a filk concert, and even got out of the dealers room and the exhibit hall without spending too much money.

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